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Post by Lord on Sat May 02, 2009 3:44 am

Ranking is very basic, and not complicated at all.

There are 3 squads, White, Orange and Black. White is the High Elite squad, which has rights to command the lower Squads. As for Orange and Black, they are equal. Orange/Black Squadron Leaders can be considered to have the same skill as a White Squadron Operative, as it requires Skills and Strategic knowledge to be one. Each squad designs their own plans and Tactics. Squads battle it out against each other in Training, but in Faction Wars, they ally together, and work together to win. Overall tactics will be made by either me or White Squadron Member.
The Ranks go:

Orange/Black Squad Operative - 0 Kills, 0 Suicides.

Orange/Black Squad Elite - 200 kills, 35 Suicides. (Or Proved Worthy)

Orange/Black Squad Sgt. - 300 kills, 25 Suicides. (Or Proved Worthy)

Orange/Black Squad Elder - 500 kills, 15 Suicides. (Or Proved Worthy)

Orange/Black Squad Ldr. - 800 kills, 10 Suicides. (Or Proved Worthy through a duel with the Current Squad Leader)

White Squad Operative - 1300 kills, 10 Suicides. (Or Proved Worthy)

White Squad Elite - 1600 kills, 10 Suicides. (Or Proved Worthy)

White Squad Sgt. - 1800 kills, 10 Suicides. (Or Proved Worthy)

White Squad Elder - 1900 kills, 10 suicides. (Or Proved Worthy)

White Squad Ldr. - 2000 kills, 5 suicides. (Or Proved Worthy through a duel with the Current Squad Leader)

Commander - (Only Lord unless Lord Designates someone else to also be a Commander)

If a Squad Elder decides to take his place as Squad Leader, he must first request a duel with the current Squad Leader. All Squad Leaders have 3 chances, Meaning they can say No to a Squad Elder 3 times, and on the 4th time, he must say yes or he'll be kicked out of his position. This ranking system all depends on Honesty, so please be Honest to your scores. No need to post if you got 0 kills and 0 suicides, but if you get score of any kind (Including Suicides) it must be posted! By Default, score can only be counted if your in a Clan Battle, Faction Battle or a Squad Battle, but you can gain rights to count score from normal games played online. ONLINE ONLY Don't think you can make a LAN game and get your friend to stand still while you kill. LAN games don't count unless said Official by me or people I say can say so. Those who join a Squad first have the choice to become Squad Leader or not. But White Squad is not open, it must be acquired by getting scores, but when your an Operative in White team and there's no squad Leader, you are free to take the slot if you wish. The Suicides on the side of each rank represent how many suicides it takes for you to get Demoted. As for White Squad Leader, if you suicide 5 times, you go down to White Squad Elder. Also Commander is not a Rank you can gain. Good Luck, have fun, be safe, own.

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