The Orbital Deep Strike Team (ODST)

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The Orbital Deep Strike Team (ODST) Empty The Orbital Deep Strike Team (ODST)

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The Orbital Deep Strike Team (ODST) Halo3_10
"A Step away to being a Spartan"

The Orbital Deep Strike Team, nicknamed Shock Troopers at times, are used in the UNSC's most elite missions.

"It's like a postcard: Dear Sarge, We're kicking ass in outer space, wish you were here. "
—ODSTs to Sergeant Major Johnson, after killing a group of Kig-Yar snipers on Installation 05.
Shock Troopers are known for their unorthodox methods of insertion, including orbital drops onto terrestrial environments.

Similar to their Infantry counterparts, the ODSTs maintain units of varying strength aboard many UNSC vessels and Installations. ODST units were present aboard the Atlas, the Spirit of Fire, the In Amber Clad, the Pillar of Autumn, the Forward Unto Dawn, and Cairo Station.[8]

They also drop into areas under heavy fire, or are heavily guarded by enemy troops in order to clear out any enemies and set up LZs for Pelican dropships to land or deploy other UNSC reinforcements. ODSTs are recognized as a key element in setting up landing zones and it is speculated that without them, the Pelicans would not be able to carry out air assaults. An example of such scenarios may be observed when the Battle of Installation 05 began. The Marines of the 7th Battalion of the 105th Division, accompanied by MCPO John-117, cleared a landing zone so that Pelicans could drop off light armored vehicles, and eventually land heavy armor after land forces set the bridge down. Shock Troops were also crucial in the Battle of Installation 00, when the 7th Battalion again aided John-117 in breaking a hole in the Covenant line, thus creating a landing zone for the Forward Unto Dawn, which allowed a forward base to launch an armored assault. Due to the nature of their missions, the ODSTs are also recognized for the heavy casualties they take. They are tough and highly trained soldiers that make sure they get the job done.

The ODSTs in addition to using standard infantry equipment use a specialized body suit. It is primarily black, but has urban camouflage patterns on certain armor panels. The pressurization of the suit allows for extra-vehicular operations. It has heating and cooling systems to mask the infrared signature of the wearer, and it also has an oxygen tank capable of allowing 15 minutes in vacuum. The helmet contains state of the art communications gear, along with a Heads Up Display (HUD), and thermal and motion detectors.

There are several different variations that ODST's equip, with mission-specific functions and goals. Ranged, Close Quarters and Recon variants exist, each designed to better enable their wearers to operate at different ranges, and for different missions.

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